Hilary Sallick

12/13/23 — Read my poem September in Lyrical Somerville, the poetry column edited by poet, publisher, and New England Poetry Club Co-President Doug Holder for The Somerville Times.

12/5/23 — You can find two of my poems, one about the relationship between a man and a tarantula and the other about the physical experience (and memory) of mothering a newborn, in Jet Fuel Review.

It was a great joy to read with Naomi Mulvihilll (author of The Knife Thrower’s Girl) at the Grolier Poetry Book Shop on October 18, 2023. Thank you to Lloyd Schwartz for his insightful and generous introduction and to James Fraser of the Grolier for organizing and hosting the  reading. You can watch a recording of the event here, at the Grolier’s Youtube channel. 

8/1/2023 — Look for my poem April at LEON Literary Review. Thanks to the editors!

You can find my poem “An Oyster Shell”  in Notre Dame Review, #55.  To subscribe to the journal or to request a free issue, go here. And you can hear me read “An Oyster Shell” at the NDR’s supplemental web issue. Thank you to the editors of Notre Dame Review!

Thanks to The Inflectionist Review and to  Anatoly Molotkov who host this monthly reading series on Zoom! Thank you to the two poets who read with me, John Riley (author of 10,000 forthcoming from EXOT Books) and Gary  Thomas (author of All the Connecting Lights, Finishing Line Press) .  It was a great pleasure to be part of this event!

From The Inflectionist Reading Series #5 

Zoom, March 27, 2023

Check out the latest issue of Vita Poetica (winter 2023) to read — and listen to recordings of — my poems The Brink and A Bit of Earth. I’m so pleased to have these poems included in Vita Poetica. Thanks to the editors for their care and devotion in creating this journal.

Read my poem sequence Under the Sky at Small Orange. Thank you to editor in chief Carlie Hoffman for including my work in this beautiful journal.

Empty House Press nominated my poem Bearings as a Best of the Net along with work by five other poets, including my dear friend Mary Buchinger! Thank you to Empty House editors Cara Downey and Erin Calabria for this encouragement and for their beautiful journal.

Read my poem Near the Subway Station and the Highway Exit Ramp on Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, edited by Christine Klocek-Lim. I’m so pleased to be included again on this site.

Read my poem The Time Had Come in issue 148 of Right Hand Pointing!

Read my poem Feathers in The Inflectionist Review. Thank you to editors A. Molotkov and John Sibley Williams for including my work.

I’m honored to have two new poems, Our Project and Sightings, included on the Poetry Porch 2022. Thanks to editor Joyce Wilson for her poetic vision.

Big thanks to editor Terry House for featuring my poem Plein Air Meditation as poem of the month (March, 2022) at Old Frog Pond Farm and Studio.

Thank you to publisher Kimberly Gladman and editor Greta Ode for including my poems in their new journal, Tandeta! You can read my Notes from January in the inaugural issue (January 2022) and What Do You Make Of It in the February issue.

Thank you to the editors of Empty House Press for publishing my poem Bearings in issue seven (December 21, 2021).

Read my poem The Choice on Autumn Sky Poetry Daily (December 9, 2021). Thank you to editor Christine Klocek-Lim for publishing this poem!

Check out the beautiful inaugural issue (December 1, 2021) of Kitchen Table Quarterly, and read my poem Outside the door of our childhood, about a memory from the Maine woods.

I’m thrilled that my poem Love Is A Shore is included in The Inflectionist Review, issue 13, October 2021. Thank you to the editors!

Thank you to the editors of Panoply for including my poem Evening With Lines From Whitman in their latest issue (#19, Summer 2021).

Find my poem, Message, on Thimble Literary Magazine.

Thank you to the editors of The Bangor Literary Journal for publishing my poem A Spider  in issue  15 (page 78 to 79).

 Thanks to Pangyrus for publishing my poem,  The Most Portable Instrument. Scroll down to find my comment about the origin of this poem.

Read my poem The Geranium on The Poetry Porch! Thank you to Joyce Wilson for including my work on the Porch.

Listen to poems written “en plain air” at Old Frog Pond Farm, including my poem (about halfway through). Each poem is paired with a beautiful photograph. The same poems can be found as an e-chapbook at Pen and Anvil Press. Thank you to Plein Air Poetry creator and organizer, Susan Richmond, and to Linda Hoffman and Blase Provitola of Old Frog Pond Farm.

 Thanks to Caveat Lector for publishing two of my poems, Child in Library and In the Garden, in Volume 30, No. 2.

Read my poem Young Man With Lizard, and other poems on the theme “Together,” in the journal Halfway Down the Stairs.

Thanks to Gloria Mindock and Cervena Barva Press for publishing Karen Friedland’s interview of me in the latest Cervena Barva Press newsletter (July, 2020).

I’m thrilled to be part of ArtBeat 2020, the annual celebration of the arts and culture in Somerville, MA. Thanks to Lloyd Schwartz, Somerville Poet Laureate, and the Somerville Arts Council for this opportunity to share my poem Ipharadisi, and to be in the company of wonderful Somerville poets.

Thanks to Tipp City Library and Cervena Barva Press for the opportunity to read this evening, July 10, 2020. You can watch the recording of my reading here.

I’m grateful to Mom Egg Review for reviewing Asking the Form — see Michelle Wilbert’s piece here — and also for publishing my own reflection on writing and time as it pertains to Asking the Form.