Hilary Sallick

Hilary was born in New York City in 1963 to Richard and Lucy Sallick; at that time, her father was a resident in psychiatry at New York Hospital, and her mother was beginning to paint, though she could not imagine her career as an artist. (Learn more about Lucy’s artwork at www.lucysallick.com.)

The first of three children, Hilary grew up mostly in Westport, CT. Her family has deep roots in Maine as well. Since 1985, she has lived in Somerville, MA, where she and her husband, Robert Estes, raised their two children. 

Hilary earned her BA in English from Harvard College in 1985 and her M.Ed. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1990. In addition to poetry, her deep interests are in teaching and learning and in other forms of creative expression, including music and painting.

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Hilary Sallick is the author of two full-length collections, Love Is A Shore and Asking the Form, and a chapbook Winter Roses. Her poems can be found in Ibbetson Street,  The Poetry Porch, LEON Literary Review, Vita Poetica, Small Orange, The Inflectionist Review, Exposition Review, Empty House Press, Constellations, and in other journals.  

Since 2004, Hilary has taught reading and writing to adult learners at SCALE (Somerville Center for Adult Learning Experiences) in Somerville, MA. For a small glimpse of her work, go here.

Hilary is also vice-president of the New England Poetry Club, founded in 1915 by Robert Frost, Conrad Aiken, and Amy Lowell. The New England Poetry Club is a community of poets and fosters the love of reading and writing poetry. Membership is open to all!

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