Hilary Sallick

As an adult basic education teacher with a focus on literacy, I get to explore an array of subject matters and materials with my students, including the reading and writing of poetry.  I love this work. Each year I teach, I learn more—about the world, about teaching and learning, about myself, about what reading means.

One year, we studied flowers and plants. What makes a flower a flower? Why do plants have flowers? 

The 2020-2021 school year was all online. My students and I figured out Zoom, and we created a website about our work together, Burning Our Brains.

My teaching is grounded in the practice and theory of Eleanor Duckworth, whose work I first encountered in 1990 at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

From Duckworth, I draw these guiding principles: 

    • Curiosity is at the heart of learning. 

    • Creativity is a human undertaking.  

    • All of us have unique and unquantifiable potentials, waiting to grow. 

We are authors, artists, scientists, historians, storytellers, researchers, performers, poets.